Brittany Gataveckas

Junior Associate

For the past seven years, Brittany has worked with elite clients in Canada’s private, higher education, and nonprofit sectors. She specializes in the design and application of complex projects and is skilled in mixed-methods research, critical analysis, and strategic communications. She holds a PhD from McMaster University and her research interests include transnational philanthropy, gender and human rights, and international relief.

Fundraising Area of Expertise: Donor and Constituent Engagement is Brittany’s expertise. Likewise, she has extensive experience in Prospect Research and Proposal Writing, and Strategic Planning.

Sector Experience: Brittany has experience working with educational institutions, community-based organizations, international agencies, archives, libraries, museums, and historical sites.

Brittany’s fundraising must have: Deep contextual awareness and knowledge to support problem-solving and foster the nonprofit-donor relationship.

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