Ammna Nasser

Junior Associate

Ammna Nasser is a skilled social researcher and published author with a focus on identity politics, counterterrorism, risk and financial crimes. She has demonstrated strong analytic skillsets across the financial services, consulting, higher education and academic research sectors in the Middle East, West Africa, Europe, and North America.

Currently serving as an analyst in Global Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering (High-Risk Sectors) for the Royal Bank of Canada, her experience also includes serving as the Middle East & Northern Africa (MENA) Liaison Officer for the King’s College London Think Tank where she monitored existing and established new partnerships with journalists, diplomats and professors, and Liaison & Research Officer for the South Asia and Middle East Forum, U.K., addressing geo-political conflicts in the Middle East, composing briefing reports for the British Parliament, and reporting the forum from the House of Commons in London for Diplomatic Magazine.

Ammna holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Development from Middlesex University, U.K., and a Master of Arts in International Relations from King’s College London’s renowned Department of War Studies. In addition to English, she speaks Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic.

Ammna’s volunteer work includes serving the Royal Bank of Canada Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the C.D. Howe Institute & WOMAN ACT, the United Nations Association-Canada branch, and Global Service Learning for Amizade, in Jukwa Village Ghana.

Ammna has published extensively including, The Era of ‘Dirty Data’: Understanding Who Said What and How, for the Women in Security Committee of ASIS International, the worlds largest membership organization for security management professionals.

Fundraising Area of Expertise: Ammna is an expert in Risk Management and Fundraising Governance, Donor and Constituent Engagement and Project Management

Sector Experience: Community Based Advocacy and Membership Organizations, including Micro-Finance, and Higher Education

Ammna’s Fundraising Must Have: Strategic vision, sustainability, and a commitment to transparency to all stakeholders

Contact Ammna at: [email protected]

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