International Fundraising

Building a global strategy, understanding philanthropic culture and practice, developing effective engagement programs, generating sufficient initiative and follow-up and utilizing institutional thought leaders can be a daunting task.


Thomas L. Friedman in his transformative tome, The World is Flat, gave voice to a phenomenon that “the global competitive playing field was being leveled. The world was being flattened”. His words are even truer today than when written in 2005. With steady globalization in the private sector there has been increased globalization in the nonprofit sector. S. Sutton and Associates has the experience and expertise to help you engage globally.

International fundraising presents a unique challenge, and implementation requires unique skill and expertise. S. Sutton and Associates can help your organization make the case for activity on the global stage, devise effective organizational structures and program strategies, identify and train the experienced major gift professional talent, build the right case for support, manage long distance and culturally diverse constituents and track and align global initiatives organization-wide.

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