Board Training, Management and Governance

S. Sutton & Associates Inc. has the technical expertise to assure Boards function as intended and in the best interest of the organizations they represent.


Proper Board management and governance is essential for any nonprofit to assure the demands of steering, supporting and safeguarding organizations are met. Specific technical expertise is required to assure the structure and composition of the Board are suitable, meetings and communications are managed appropriately and members understand and are equipped to fulfill their responsibilities.

Board Training

Boards are in place to govern, though subject to the evolution and needs of the organization may take on various levels of involvement which encroach upon management and operations. S. Sutton and Associates provides training for Boards in governance and leadership, core duties and roles, the Chief Executive’s mandate, techniques to build strong relationships with the Chief Executive, management and evaluation of the Chief Executive’s performance and succession planning.

Board Management

The mechanics to properly manage meetings and committees, prepare reports and communications, update bylaws and facilitate the fiduciary responsibilities of the Board, require technical expertise and diplomacy to assure all run smoothly. S. Sutton and Associates takes a hand on approach to train staff assuring structure, process and products support the success of the Board.

Other Services

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