Philanthropy in the healthcare sector is unique in many ways, particularly complex, and more important than ever. Researchers strive to discover cures and develop new treatments, technologies and models of care, which, when translated from “bench to bedside”, provide a better future for all. Their work provides a compelling case for support. Downstream from the research enterprise, lives are saved and enriched every day through the healthcare sector, and the emotional experiences leave many with life-altering memories and a strong incentive to donate.

Costs to discover, develop, translate and deliver new cures, treatments, technologies, and models of care to the patient continue to soar. Escalating overhead, declining reimbursements, healthcare reform, privacy regulations, population demographic shifts, and shifting perceptions of patient care and research commercialization have direct impact on philanthropic needs and giving patterns.

S. Sutton and Associates brings insight, sensitivity and highly skilled technical expertise to philanthropic enterprises within this sector and to their domestic and international prospects and donors.

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