“S. Sutton & Associates Inc. has added value and support to my wife and I in the work of our immediate family foundation, as well as the private family foundations operated by my siblings. I have found Susan and her team to be strategic, proactive, and responsive. Susan has exercised discretion, treating our communications and materials as privileged. Susan’s service to our group of charitable trusts has been varied, and includes strategic planning, impact measurement and accountability, philanthropic portfolio construction, best practices, and other services.”

“S. Sutton & Associates is top notch in every way. They take the time to understand the exact needs of the client and then deliver outstanding value for service, both in terms of big-picture strategy and attention to small detail. We had three successive engagements with them and were impressed time and again by their expertise and professionalism. I couldn’t recommend S. Sutton & Associates more highly.”

“This was a top-notch project from beginning to end. Completing the work in short timeframe was so helpful to our small organization and every benchmark was met along the way. Having consultants from outside of our industry gave us a fresh external perspective on our work, which helped us answer some of the big questions we wrestle with. Plus, the team was thoughtful and very responsive. I’ve been involved in other strategic planning initiatives as both an ED and a board member and S. Sutton & Associates Inc. delivered more value in a fraction of the time and for less cost than anything I’ve worked on before.” We’re thrilled with how this process unfolded and the plan that it yielded. We can’t thank you and the team enough for all your excellent work. More to come!!”

“You and your team have been such a pleasure to work with. We are deeply grateful for the passion, actions, knowledge sharing and professionalism throughout these past months. We definitely want to hire you for some more work!”

“We are very thankful for Susan and the Innovation Team! They provided a wonderful road map for Weengushk Film Institute and their expertise has been invaluable. We look forward to a continued relationship with S. Sutton and Associates Inc.”

“Working with S. Sutton & Associate Inc. has resulted in a number of meaningful products such as a robust SWOT analysis, development plan, data dashboard, and case for support, along with an understanding of best practices, giving us the context, rationale and permission needed from our constituency to focus on a robust fundraising effort.”

“S. Sutton & Associates made it incredibly easy to understand our marketing needs based on our target objectives. Starting from the Request for Proposal (RFP) response all the way to supporting our team in execution was something that truly made S. Sutton & Associates Inc. stand out. An example of our success is the increase in traffic to our LinkedIn page that provides important updates to our Members. From the beginning of executing our marketing campaign that our S. Sutton Innovation Team developed in January 2020, our average LinkedIn visitors virtually tripled month over month throughout the year thanks to the hard work of the team at S. Sutton & Associates Inc. Great work and would definitely work with the team again!”

“We hired S. Sutton & Associates Inc. first, to develop a Strategic Plan. Executive Associate Georgina Steinsky helped us learn how to create the plan for our organization. She didn’t just come in and do the work for us, she helped us understand the steps needed to complete the job. She was there every step of the way to step in, giving suggestions and advising us on approaches. Later that year, we re-hired S. Sutton & Associates Inc. to develop a fundraising strategy. This experience was amazing because it brought a group of nine subject experts in different fields to the table to brainstorm ideas and approaches. This was very innovative and brought many perspectives. It made the experience fruitful and created clear value.”

“I’ve been through the document provided by our Innovation Team, and it shines a lot of light where I need it. We have started using the recommended resource to track as much as we can, and I have added everything into a task list that I will now go over in detail. Thank you so much to Susan and the S. Sutton & Associates Inc. team. This experience has really pointed me in the right direction.” What did you enjoy most about your experience with S. Sutton & Associates Inc.? “Honesty.”

“Our S. Sutton & Associates Inc. Innovation team was self-driven, and willing to dig into the weeds to really understand our needs. We are an all-volunteer board, so our time is at a premium and we couldn’t afford much handholding with a consulting group, so S. Sutton & Associates Inc. was great in that respect. We were also very impressed by the team’s familiarity with the LGBTQ+ space, their well-crafted proposal, willingness to work within our limited budget, and anecdotal success via references.”


“Joining S. Sutton & Associates Inc. means becoming a part of a vibrant, innovative firm that is leading the nonprofit consulting world by example. It is rewarding to work closely with philanthropies, philanthropists, NGOs, and nonprofits to advance their mission, capabilities, and outcomes in order to drive sustainable growth across the sector. Having participated in an Innovation Team, I can say with confidence that the Model fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing between Associates, resulting in exceptional solutions to complex challenges.”

“S. Sutton & Associates Inc.’s Innovation Team concept is just fantastic. I get to become part of a team that allows me to work with other people from around the world who are experts in their specific content areas. That means I get to expand my own understanding and learn from others, specifically people who are not in my professional network, or work with every day in my full-time job. It really makes being part of the S. Sutton & Associates Inc. team so different from anyone else I’ve worked with.”

“Being a part of an innovative team with S. Sutton & Associates Inc. was a wonderful, fulfilling experience. It gave me an opportunity to lead and offer my expertise while at the same time learning from other team members. The combined talent of our team provided the client was exactly what they needed for their strategic plan. I can’t wait to do it again! “

“Thank you for the incredible opportunity to work with S. Sutton and Associates Inc. It’s been a really great experience.”

“I enjoy the collaborative environment while working as part of the innovation team. The combined expertise of each innovation team member creates an extremely dynamic, powerful result.”

“In my other professional capacity, we are creating a blueprint for gender equality (and diversity and inclusion) for the Canadian private sector which includes a number of best practices and tips. I have to say that after working with you and your firm for over a year now, I’ve noticed that you embody all of the strong leadership characteristics that we encourage leaders and organizations to adopt to make workplaces “work” better. Looking forward to continuing to learn from your leadership.”

“I’m also discovering my own passion for client projects. I’m currently involved with the Institute for Integrated Transition (IFIT) project. Every time I meet with members of the S. Sutton & Associates Inc. team, have a call, or get an update from Mark Freeman, the leader of IFIT, I get more inspired. Inspired not only to do my specific work for the project, but also to see the project succeed. I always say that fundraising is easy for institutions you believe in, and that is exactly what IFIT has become for me. I’m grateful to be part of this Innovation Team.”

“After working with the firm for over one year and serving on an Innovation Team, I have benefited first-hand from Susan Sutton’s strong and steady leadership. S. Sutton & Associates Inc. is redefining what the workplace of the future will look like – and it’s sustainable, inclusive, transparent, and committed to making a difference. The network of Associates from all walks of life demonstrates the firm’s commitment to the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity, which leads to elevated performance and unparalleled results.”

Complimentary Consultation