Our Innovation Team Model

S. Sutton & Associates Inc. differentiates itself from other consulting firms through customized Innovation Teams of highly skilled technical experts assembled to meet the client’s unique needs. This highly flexible proprietary model allows us to apply the time and talent of the technical experts assembled, to the specific area of need, for only as much time as required. Our teams thus outperform high-level generalists by providing deep subject expertise, which would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, while also assuring the clients only pay for what they need and are not charged for unwarranted services and expertise beyond the scope of their requirements.

1. Listen & Understand

We take as much time as needed upfront to listen, understand and evaluate your unique challenges, needs and opportunities.

2. Assemble the Right Team

Our Innovation Team Model is based on your unique needs. We only assemble the right team, for the right amount of time so that you get the right solutions.

3. Local Perspective Global Knowledge

Each Innovation Team is a blend of local expertise from your city, state, or province and global experts with deep experience in your area of needs.

4. Your Unique Roadmap

We are committed to delivering you a strategic roadmap that is easy to understand, actionable, tactical and most importantly – unique to your needs.

5. From Start to Finish

Our belief is that there are far too many ‘solutions’ that end up overwhelming rather than helping. We get it. That’s why we are with you as long as you need us.

We get it…

The word “consulting” or “firm” often conjures an allergic reaction for anyone that has experienced the overwhelming feeling when the ‘final report’ hits their desk. Trust us – all of our Associates have been there.

At the risk of creating yet another “product” or proprietary offering that promises to be unique, transformative, etc., we set out to create something…useful! A model that provides quick, cost-effective and tailored solutions to your unique needs and challenges. This isn’t about providing a huge, daunting, costly package full of bells and whistles you’ll never be able to use. This is about real, actionable, tactical things you can do now or in the near future. After all… you aren’t looking to solve problems that don’t exist, are you? You need a clear roadmap and the right team of experts. Let us be your guides.

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