Donor and Constituent Engagement

S. Sutton & Associates Inc. takes a holistic, integrated approach to maximize impact and efficiencies and provides the best possible strategies and approaches for each client’s specific situation.


What you say, how you say it, when you say it and the means to convey the message require careful orchestration and integration within an organization. Our consultants are adept in all aspects of marketing and communications related to organizational profile, development, and constituent engagement.

Whether the project is program specific or institution wide, the process of S. Sutton & Associates Inc. is the same:

Careful research

Data drives our process. We work with institutional leadership to gather all relevant information, research internal and external audience orientation, conduct audits of current communications including staffing, resources, channels, activities and audience segmentation.

Cogent and comprehensive strategy

Institutional objectives and goals are used to develop fundraising rationale that define and drive effective messaging. We then determine suitable channels and strategies along with processes, tactics, budgets, timelines and schedules, concluding in an actionable plan to implement and assess results on a periodic basis.

Creative writing and design

Our expert consultants have the experience, expertise and knowledge to bring you the most current and impactful campaign messaging and names, visual identity, branding guidelines, cases for support and collateral materials.

Other Services

Complimentary Consultation