Alumni Relations and Giving

We develop a roadmap for enhanced program performance, increased engagement and seamless continuity with all philanthropic efforts.


Many potential markets for philanthropic support of educational institutions exist, but working out in concentric circles, alumni represent the largest cohort of those with affiliation. Alumni represent the past and the future of an institution and if properly engaged can add immeasurably to the creation of a pipeline of support. Full understanding of the current and future capabilities of Alumni Relations can make the difference between an average advancement program and a strong, sustainable one, and specific strategies are required to harness the potential and unique characteristics. S. Sutton and Associates can provide the best possible thinking, strategies, and approaches for each clientā€™s specific situation.

Program Review, Recommendations and Implementation

S. Sutton and Associatesā€™ consultants conduct an analysis that identifies strengths, gaps, and challenges of the Alumni Relations program and present initial recommendations.

This is a rigorous analysis of structure, alumni events, programming and activities, metrics, resources and historical performance. This may also include alumni surveys, and data analytics to improve understanding of the alumni base and how to segment and engage them most effectively.

Potential areas to explore include affinity programs, alumni board management, alumni engagement, class and reunion programs, communications, marketing and social medial effectiveness, diversity programs, international programs, regional programs, strategic planning, student programming, volunteer management and young alumni programs.

Following report delivery, S. Sutton & Associates Inc. are available to institutional or Alumni Relationsā€™ leadership to assist in implementation of recommendations.

Other Services

Complimentary Consultation