Marcha Chaudry


Marcha Isabelle Chaudry, Esq., is the founder of the Equity Wellness Collaborative a public policy consultancy providing strategic solutions to health and consumer policy issues at the intersection of beauty justice, women’s health/wellness, and consumer policy. Marcha complements this work with the Center for Progressive Reform where she serves as a Senior Policy Analyst.

With over a decade in the nonprofit advocacy sector Marcha has served as Senior Policy Manager at the National Women’s Health Network, Counsel, Law Clerk, General Counsel, and Law Fellow for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, U.S, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, the AFL-CIO, and National Employment Lawyers Association, respectively.

Marcha interned for National Education Association Center for Social Justice-Human and Civil Rights Division, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, the office of U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, and the Embassy of Haiti.

As a nonprofit leader and board member, Marcha has testified before Congress and the Food and Drug Administration on women’s health and consumer advocacy issues, and her efforts have been recognized by numerous media outlets and publications.

These endeavors result in a broad range of expertise, including Board Training, Management and Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Development Program Review and Expansion Strategies; Donor and Constituent Engagement; and Project Management.

Marcha graduated with honors from Howard University with a Bachelor of Science, and Howard University School of Law, with a distinction in alternative dispute resolution. She is fluent in French and Haitian-Creole in addition to English, and resides in Miami Florida.

Area of Expertise: Marcha’s predominant area of expertise is in Corporate Social Responsibility. She also has experience in Board Training, Management and Governance; Development Program Review and Expansion Strategies; Donor and Constituent Engagement; and Project Management.

Experience: Education, Healthcare, Community Based Membership and Advocacy

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