Our Firm

Consultants in Philanthropic Management

S. Sutton & Associates Inc. brings decades of experience to all aspects of your philanthropic initiatives providing the best possible strategies and approaches to help you realize your philanthropic potential.

First Principles


S. Sutton & Associates Inc. serves as partner with our clients to build philanthropic capacity. Our consultants bring experience, objectivity and candor in our counsel to presidents, governing boards, fundraising staff and philanthropists to help meet their objectives and build a high-performance culture of philanthropy.

Best Practices

S. Sutton & Associates Inc. brings expertise in the most current best practices to all our relationships to help clients elevate performance to meet immediate needs and achieve long-term, sustainable growth. We draw from our philanthropic management experience across diverse sectors around the world and regularly refine and apply best practices.


S. Sutton & Associates Inc. applies a strategic, rigorous, analytics and evidence-based approach to provide guidance to the philanthropic enterprise in its entirety: all programs, support services, as well as executive and volunteer leadership.


S. Sutton & Associates Inc. applies rigor and seeks clients eager to set ambitious goals and align activity to achieve results.


S. Sutton & Associates Inc. is dedicated to providing counsel that has qualitative and quantitative positive impact on clients. Our accountability is to help clients achieve their philanthropic objectives and develop the means to build on success for many years to come.



Change creates opportunity. Shifts in political, economic, business environments, or ecosystems, transitions in staff or board leadership, strategic or campaign planning or evolution/launch of a new program, can be harnessed to optimize success going forward.

Audit, Evaluate,

Information drives process. We capture and use data to conduct a comprehensive audit, evaluation and assessment to inform next steps to strengthen your philanthropic efforts.


S. Sutton & Associates Inc. translates evidence – based actionable recommendations into strategy and action steps, providing a strategic, comprehensive roadmap to achieve your goals. With hands-on assistance we apply a framework to help your team implement recommendations.

Core Values

Maximize philanthropy to achieve significant impact

Embrace and drive transformational change

Build relationships through communication and respect

Apply creativity to support excellence

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