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Know Thy Donor —A Proposal Primer

Colleagues in the fundraising industry often ask about trends in proposal writing. What’s new? What are best practices? My answer ...
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Cryptocurrency and Philanthropy: An Introduction

The Red Cross, Save the Children, and United Way—what do these three charities have in common? Besides having people at ...
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Millennial buying power: how big brands are aligning themselves with nonprofit organizations

Millennials are… typing that into a Google search brings up some stereotypical results: that we are lazy, stupid, entitled, or ...
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social media automation ssutton and associates inc

Build a social media presence through beginner’s automation

The struggle is real - nonprofit organizations need to do more with less. From attracting and retaining donors to finding ...
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Data Analysis Analytics Comparison Information Networking Concept

Powering Fundraising with Data Analytics

Understanding your data is the gift that keeps on giving. Nonprofits are increasingly using the power of data to better ...
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A Piece of the Online Giving Pie

A Piece of the Online Giving Pie

We all know that the digital landscape has changed and has had a profound impact on fundraising. In the past ...
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